Nikte Honey Beekeeping

Ethical Beekeeping Based on Centuries-old Traditions

Beekeeping or apiculture has been part of Maya culture for thousands of years. Today, the Maya peoples inhabit Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, western Honduras, and southern Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula, which is where our beekeepers work. Every jar of honey we produce is based on ancient traditions of apiculture and infused with the heart and soul of the Maya people.

Our community of passionate apiculturists love and respect their bees and treat them care, allowing our beekeepers to harvest rich and flavoursome raw honey.

By building a relationship based on trust, our bees are working all year round thanks to the conditions of this ecoregion. Something that only happens in a few places around the world.


The Nikté Project

We started the Nikté Project in order to conserve the tropical forests, the dry forest and the moisture forest, to protect Maya apiculture traditions, and to ensure the continuity of beekeeping as a beneficial practice.

Our aim is to work with 1000 hives. We’re also committed to inspiring and supporting a younger generation of beekeepers, who can generate a positive change in the region, and to ensure they're rewarded fairly for their labours.

Beekeeping provides a sustainable way of life for the rural Maya communities and in turn supports biodiversity and prevents deforestation, which ultimately has a positive impact on the planet.