Pure Honey from Yobaín, Yucatán

With a population of just over 2000 inhabitants Yobain, which means ‘above crocodiles’ in Mayan, is a town dedicated to agriculture, fishing, poultry and pig farming, and growing crops such as pitahaya (fruit from cactus).

Compared to other areas, the rainfall is lower, the soil is stonier, the proportion of soil on the ground is lower, and drying by wind is higher. But despite these adverse conditions, the native vegetation of the area produces a good amount of nectar for bees to produce honey.


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Meet our Yobaín beekeepers

Nikte beekeeper in Yobain Yucatan Eduardo

Eduardo lives with his wife and two children and is the newest member of the Nikté Project community.

After spending time with Don Raúl (our mentor beekeeper) and getting over his fear of bee stings, Eduardo decided to try his hand at beekeeping and started his apiary. He now has 18 hives.

"I was very afraid of being stung until Don Raúl convinced me to try beekeeping and I realised, yes they sting, but not as bad as I thought! It’s about how you approach the hive and learning about the behaviour of the bees.

“We call the bushes our trees. I have friends in other parts of the state who tell me they don't have the trees that there are here. I think there’s a good combination between the earth and the special stones, and different plants on the ground.

“In the past I thought our area of tropical dry forest did not produce honey. But I was completely wrong. It produces a very special premium honey.”

Nikte beekeeper in Yobain Yucatan Eduardo Nikte beekeeper in Yobain Yucatan Eduardo Nikte beekeeper in Yobain Yucatan Eduardo