Nikté Yucatán Honeys to Feature in Beekeeping Expert Paula Carnell’s Next Book

Everyone at Nikté Yucatán was given a little extra festive cheer last week when beekeeping aficionado Paula Carnell announced that two of our honeys are to feature in her next book: “This Is Honey”.

While we know how magical and delicious our products are, having them selected for such an eagerly anticipated book gives us all an immense sense of satisfaction.

This exciting news comes at a time when our honeys are also part of Paula’s Honey Advent. Not only did this respected honey expert talk effusively about our products, but she also made a fascinating Instagram video about them.

Being noticed by such a renowned figure in the world of honey is a great honour. Paula Carnell knows everything there is to know about beekeeping and honey production — but she’s also a successful entrepreneur.

Paula’s career began back in 1990 when she started her first business as part of the Prince’s Youth Business Trust initiative. She put her creative talents to good use by creating original paintings on silk. It wasn’t long before greeting cards featuring her creations were being sold in more than 700 shops in the UK alone.

Following successful stints as an acclaimed artist and retail businesswoman, Paula developed Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2009. She became bed and wheelchair-bound, which forced her to take stock of her career — and her overall direction in life.

Following her recovery in 2016, Paula became a medical herbalist and started a new business: “Creating a Buzz about Health”. Today, this serial achiever is now one of the most respected global beekeeping consultants in the world — which is why we’re so excited to be associated with her.

As well as running a highly successful social media presence, Paula is a successful writer. Her books “A Quest for bees in Bhutan” and “A to Bees” explore the health-related benefits of honey from a very personal perspective. She shares her insights on beekeeping and honey production in a way that’s both inspiring and contagious. This is just one of the reasons why is proud to call her a friend.

The two honeys selected to feature in “This Is Honey” are Kankin Motul and Kayab Yaxcabá. Paula’s opinion as a judge, writer, beekeeper and entrepreneur carries much sway, so to have two of our honeys mentioned in her next book is a testament to the quality delivered by Nikté Yucatán.

If you want to know why Paula Carnell thinks so highly of these wonderful honeys from the Yucatán region in Mexico, you’ll have to try them for yourself!

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(DAY 5 - Christmas Advent)


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