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The perfect balance between sweet and bitter, woody, and lemon sherbet, our K’ank’in Yobaín is the ideal companion to your favourite chocolate treat.

Ultimate Harmony

Both sweet and bitter, with both a woody and mushroom aroma, this is the ultimate harmony! This extra light amber pumpkin/orange honey is light and creamy with a unique lemon sherbet flavour. Perfectly paired with dark chocolate, this limited-edition product has a light crystallisation with large grains that are slow to dissolve.

A fresh and light taste is complimented by a fruity and woody mouth and a caramelised balsamic nose. A scrumptious addition to cereal bread, chocolate, and ice-creams.

Multiflora source: Bursera simaruba “Chaká or Chacá”, Pisonia spp. Gymnopodium floribundum.

Accompanying bloom: Jabín, Beeb., Tsitsilché, Chimay

color : Extra Light amber pumpkin/orange
Aroma : Mushroom, Woody, Balsamic
Taste : Fresh light, woody and creamy lactic lemon sherbet
Ideal for : Dark chocolate