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The Many Benefits of Nikté Yucatán Raw Honey

Nikté Yucatán doesn’t just taste great; it’s also packed with essential nutrients. The Maya people were consuming honey from Melipona beecheii bees for thousands of years before the Spanish conquests and the subsequent introduction of the European bee — and with good reason. But to enjoy all the medicinal benefits associated with consuming honey, you should consume a variety that’s unfiltered, undiluted and free from additives.


Why Choose Nikté Yucatán

With so many kinds of honey to choose from in the UK, finding the right balance between flavour, quality and ethics isn’t easy. Fortunately, Nikté Yucatán delivers on all three counts.

Our packaging tells you everything you need to know about our multi-floral honey varieties and many hidden mysteries...

The logo is a modern version of the ancient Maya glyph — used by the ancient Mayans to depict the god of the honey bee, Ah Muzen Kaab.

The study of the glyphs was often seen as a path for improvement of the soul, health, self-awareness, and illumination.

The native bee in the Yucatán Peninsula is the Melipona beecheii, known as the Xunan kab in Maya. This literally translates to ‘royal lady’ in English. These stingless bees have been raised as pets by children in the region for centuries.

Ancient Maya tribes used Melipona to treat eye, ear and respiratory ailments for thousands of years. They also used it in rituals, cooking and medicines. Even today, these multi-floral honey varieties are used for their medicinal and digestive qualities by communities in the peninsula.


Discover the unique taste of pure raw honey from the Maya Tropical Forests

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Honey & Bees

The Maya House

The Maya civilization has given us so much over the years — including premium raw honey made through ancient beekeeping practices.
The Mayas have always enjoyed a spiritual connection with nature and their environment, which is demonstrated by the way they build their houses.

The Maya culture and civilization are still alive and thriving today. That’s why today’s Mayas still build their houses using ancient techniques that were developed and perfected thousands of years ago.


We love our honeys, and we think you will too. At Nikté Yucatán, our honeys have more than just nuanced flavour; they have a rich history—one we want to share with you. With origins in the roots of the sacred Chacá tree, our honeys carry with them an exquisite mix of tropical flavours and culture, allowing us to bring you some of the finest honey in the world. In these pages, we’ll take you through the origins of our honey, the Chacá tree, and how our honeys can bring you true health and joy, however you choose to consume them. Let’s get started!

Our honey isn’t mass-produced using stainless steel and faceless workers. When you open a jar of Nikté Yucatán honey, you are opening a glass of history.


Ah Mucen Cab - A Bee God "Replica" Louise Belanger



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