Chef Wilson Alonzo Baez

In love with his native Yucatán Wilson Alonzo Baez ventures into gastronomic research, his main objective is to collaborate in the safeguarding of the gastronomy of his region through teaching-learning methods. His work as a researcher has helped the documentation and interpretation of recipes of Maya origin that are based on the ethnographic research method.

He is an instructor, promoter and responsible for the regional Yucatecan cooking workshop at the Universidad Tecnológica del Poniente de Maxcanú, Yucatán. The love of its gastronomy, the commitment and respect it has with its region have positioned it as one of the main exponents of its cuisine in national and international forums, collaborates with the faculty of archaeology of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY) in experimental archaeology activities, faithful interpreter of the traditional cuisine of Yucatan inherited from the master hands of cooks of yesteryear. He is a key player in the search to understand and academize peninsular cuisine, he is the author of articles for books and academic journals.

He shares a professorship at the José Martí University of Latin America where he develops the Maya cooking workshop, Origin, and evolution.  

He is currently the owner of the Ya'axche Ethnogastronomic complex where gastronomic tourism activities, Maya cooking workshops and experimentation of cooking techniques of origin are implemented, in the municipality of Halachó, Yucatán. (Yaaxche | Facebook)

He considers that "The evolution of Yucatecan cuisine is relatively proportional to the knowledge of its origin."

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